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Fiscal Representation


Portugal fiscal representative

All individuals who are not residents of the European Union (EU), including those who have relocated from the United Kingdom (UK), and have property ownership, maintain a bank account, or engage in any commercial or financial activity in Portugal, are mandated by law to appoint a Fiscal Representative duly registered with the Portuguese Tax Department.

The role of a Fiscal Representative in Portugal is to be officially registered on your behalf for the purpose of receiving all communications from the tax department and ensuring compliance with legal deadlines.

These representatives are tasked with providing information on your tax obligations, relevant laws, and associated deadlines. Timely responses are crucial for notifications from the Tax Department, typically required within 10 to 15 days. Non-compliance with these obligations may lead to fines and other potential penalties.

It is crucial to emphasize that all non-EU residents must designate a Fiscal Representative before initiating the application for a Portuguese fiscal number


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