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Manifestation Of Interest Request With Access Portugal


1. Before purchasing, please refer to this service’s info page for more info and requirements.

2. Please be aware that the process can only commence upon receipt of all necessary documents/information.

3. The timeframe given is calculated exclusively on working days, excluding weekends, official Portuguese holidays, strikes, and any other technical errors from the relevant entities (social security, tax office, post office, etc).

Manifestation of Interest

SKU: 364215376135199
130,00 €Price
  • This service is for those who entered the country legally as tourists (without a work or study visa, for example) and wish to stay in Portugal legally.

    To apply, you need to be registered with Social Security and have a proven employment relationship (either through an employment contract or service provision contract).

    ​Please keep in mind that the Expression of Interest is a time-consuming process, and there are no guarantees of approval.

  • Please refer to our policy page here.

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