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Tax office Portal Password Request

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Tax Office Portal

Need to access the Tax Office Portal?
Relax, we'll request your 

When establishing residence in Portugal, acquiring your NIF (fiscal number) stands as a crucial initial step. However, securing access to the Finanças portal is equally significant.


If you haven't previously enrolled on the Finanças portal (Portuguese tax authorities), it is imperative to initiate the process by requesting your password.  This step is vital as it serves as the most direct, and in certain cases, the sole method to navigate specific tax services.

Through the Finanças portal website, you can perform tasks such as filing your tax return, generating recibo verde (green receipts), or validating and registering your invoices. Possessing a Finanças password is indispensable, as numerous services and processes are exclusively accessible online. 


What's required?

To request access to the Portal you just need to following:

- your NIF

- your email

- your full address



What's the process like?

Once you place your order, we'll email you to collect the information we need from your end. 

Within the next 24 working hours, we'll request your password and send you a confirmation screenshot via email.

The Tax Office will then send you password by letter to your address (or your fiscal representative's, if you have one).



How long does it take?

As soon as we obtain the information we need from you, you can expect us to do our part of the job within 24 business hours. However, since the Tax Office doesn’t provide a tracking number we can't say exactly how long it will take for the letter to arrive.

Note: from experience, you can expect to receive your password within 2-3 weeks.


Initiate the process to request and acquire your password from the Finanças website in Portugal.


Please be aware that the process can only commence upon receipt of all necessary documents/information. The timeframe is calculated exclusively on working days, excluding weekends, official Portuguese holidays, strikes, and any other technical errors from the relevant entities (social security, tax office, post office, etc)

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