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NIF Request With Access Portugal


1. Before purchasing, please refer to this service’s info page for more info and requirements.

2. Please be aware that the process can only commence upon receipt of all necessary documents/information.

3. The timeframe given is calculated exclusively on working days, excluding weekends, official Portuguese holidays, strikes, and any other technical errors from the relevant entities (social security, tax office, post office, etc).time to receive NIf is Approximately 7 working days

4.The fee for obtaining your NIF encompasses the provision of fiscal representation for the initial 12 months and the request of your Tax Office Portal password. Following the initial 12 month period, the fiscal representation service will be automatically extended, and the renewal fee will be 99€ per year. You have the option to discontinue this service if you live in any EU/EEA country or once you attain tax residency in Portugal and update your address with the tax office.

NIF request

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  • For individuals moving to Portugal, obtaining a Portuguese tax ID - commonly referred to as the Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) - is crucial. 
    Access Portugal can help you request your NIF remotely, regarless of where you are based.

  • Please refer to our policy page here.

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