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Access Portugal

Whether you're already residing in Portugal or planning to move, Access Portugal is here to help, advise and assist.

From obtaining your tax number, to help you navigate through the Tax Office Portal or practice Portuguese, Access Portugal can help!

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About us

We're a small team with big goals and bags of experience!

Just like you, we've experienced the difficulties of moving to Portugal - how to navigate through the Tax Office Portal, request a Social Security number, learning the language, etc.

We know how stressful and overwhelming moving to a different country can be so we're here to make this process simpler for you :)

Feel free to contact us below:


''Nice & Easy!
They handled my NIF, NISS and also guided me through the process of requesting family reunification, which is quite overwhelming. Thanks for making everything simpler''

Mark D.


''I knew I had tolls and fees to pay but couldn’t navigate the Portal das Financas. Access Portugal made sure I paid everything I had to and taught me how to handle it in the future. Very helpful!''

Jacob P

United Kingdom

''Friendly people and very responsive.
I couldn’t understand if I really needed a fiscal representative to request my NIF and they made it all clear for me. Glad I went with you guys :)''

Joana S.



Great customer support


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